CSforAll PR Symposium 2017

In a joint effort between the PR IT Cluster, the Department of Graduate Studies of the College of Education, and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus, Puerto Rico held its first Computer Science for All Symposium. On September 22, 2016, over 45 representatives from government, industry and academy met to engaged in dialogue to advance Computer Science Education (CSE) in Puerto Rico.

Image of Jan Cuny, National Science Foundation

Jan Cuny, National Science Foundation

Two keynote speakers inspired the audience as to the urgency and relevance of Computer Science Education for All. Dr. Jan Cuny, Program Director for Computing Education at the NSF, challenged the audience to see Computer Science Education a a new form of literacy that all should have access to, not just a privileged few. In addition Dr. Leigh Ann Delyser, Director of the CSforAll Consortium, shared her experiences with the CSNYC inititive and how it organized itself in a 10 year strategic plan for CSE in NYC.


Throughout the symposium, a Hackathon of Ideas was conducted. All present in the summit identified the key problems and obstacles that the group needed to tackle in order to advance CSE in Puerto Rico. You can see a summary of what was discussed in the summary by accessing the following document: CSfoAll-PR Symposium Notes.

Image of Leigh Ann DeLyser, CS for All Consortium

Leigh Ann DeLyser, CS for All Consortium

The support of ECEP was an inspiration for all present. The work of both Sarah Dunton and Alan Perterfround was appreciated as they shared their experiences with CSE initiatives by fellow ECEP states. In addition, an external evaluation was conducted of the Symposium.  A copy of the report can be accessed in the following: CSforAll-PR Symposium Evaluation.

All present in the symposium gave the organizers a clear mandate: create a CSforAll Foundation for Puerto Rico and work on a 10 year strategic plan for CSE for Puerto Rico. Feel free to become part of this movement in Puerto Rico and register with us.